Will It Fly?

Will it fly?

Will it fly is a TV show dedicated to understanding and expanding our knowledge of flight. Hosts Geordie Lishman and x? use their knowledge and creativity to create and test machines that are meant to lift us in to the sky. This show comes at a very relevant time in history of flight as the public now has more access to space-age materials a lot of firsts have happened within a few year ie. the first manpower ornithopter has been created as well as the very strange looking human piloted electric helicopter. The tonality of the show is set by the enthusiasm and excitement of the hosts journey in to the sky. The show opens with a video collage of old footage of crazy flying machines mixing in with footage from Bill lishman’s flight experiments with Geordie doing a voice over talking about his upbringing and child hood dream of flying.

First we introduce the concept of flight that our machine will be lifted by and show craft that operate on a similar principles. Next at the drawing table Geordie and x? discuss the plans for building that episode’s flying machine. X? is sent off with the rough plans to create an animated version. Then more tweaking and adjustments to the ideas happen back-and-forth over the animation. Next we take the plans and animation to some people that have real-life experience creating flying machines of a similar manner. At this time it would be appropriate to show corresponding YouTube footage. After looking at discussing and changing the plans with our resident experts Geordie and X? divide up the necessary jobs that are required to build the machine. When the parts are completed they are brought together to shoot the assembly.

Cut to hangar door opening out roles our new flying gizmo.

Unless we are building an unpopulated model testing commences with crash test dummies and remote control actuators. At this point we establish whether or not the design works and is safe for human piloted testing. If not, new plans to building the flying machines will be made and modified or the project is scrapped completely deemed !!TOO DANGEROUS!! If so the experiment may be taken to a place which will ensure the safety of the pilots such as a raft in the middle of a lake , a wind-tunnel, or tethered to a crane from above.