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Metal sculptor, painter and teacher, Geordie Lishman was born June 1st. 1975 in Port Perry Ontario. Geordie and siblings Aaron and Carmen were raised by their father, sculptor Bill Lishman, founder of Operation Migration, and mother Paula Lishman of Paula Lishman Ltd., International Sustainable Fur Fashion Company.

The influences of Operation Migration and the intimate relationship Geordie developed with the birds instilled him with a profound connection to natureand wildlife. Much of his stunning metal work represents elements of nature. Lishman’s spiritual guide and medicine woman Lorraine Thomson once said of him  “a young man who gets to fly with birds has no limits to his imagination…” and she could not have been more right.

In 1991 Geordie launched a street art business where he sold well over 5,000 of his awe inspiring fantasy space paintings. These incredible works of art are entirely painted in spray paint, in a matter of only minutes. Geordie has wowed crowds all over North America and Asia, demonstrating this unique method.

Geordie worked together with his father creating several metal works, notably the Max Tanenbaum Sculpture Garden at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, as well as the Tolton Bear Dog for the 1999 Royal Winter Fair, and a permanent sculpture for the Halifax Environmental Center.  Their latest creation is a fountain for the Ajax Municipal Building celebrating the city’s 50th anniversary.

In 2002 Lishman graduated with a degree in Computer Animation from  the Vancouver Film School. From there he went on to work on various 3-D animation projects, including the movie ‘Air Bud 4’ and a project entitled ‘A Wrinkle in Time’.

By 2005, Geordie Lishman had established his metal working studio and launched his career as a metal sculptor by hosting his first art show from his Ajax, Ontario home. Enjoying much success, Lishman has been commissioned to construct pieces as small as a table top ornament, and aslarge as a life-sized ‘Transformer’ constructed of full-sized cars. He was also commissioned to design and construct the Green Star Awards. Most recently Lishman has been commissioned to construct a representation of the Historic Port Perry town hall, which will be mounted to the historical building.

As of 2007, Mr. Lishman has become a well-received, and well-loved teacher of art  at Durham College. His classes include Life Drawing, Sculpture,3-D Studio, Traditional Art Techniques and Metal Sculpture.

Geordie Lishman continues to live his families’ legacy of using fire, water and recycled metal to create beautiful works of art. Lishman’s dedication to the preservation of the environment and sustainability inspires him to use almost exclusively recycled materials: most of his metal comes from scrapyards.

Geordie Lishman currently resides in Ajax Ontario on the farm first settled buy his great-great-great-grandparents in the early 1800′s.


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  1. Hello Geordie, I am an Ajax resident. A group of community leaders along with personnel from Ajax Pickering Hospital are currently doing a fundraiser to benefit the OR Cancer Care Unit and was wondering whether you might be able to donate an item(s) for the silent auction on Sept 27/28 as per the info on http//

  2. It was such a pleasure seeing (and playing with) your beautiful and astounding flying horse at the Toronto Islands earlier last summer 2013. I managed to grab your website name from you while waiting for the ferry home, so I’m saying “hi” now, albeit a couple months late 🙂

    Best of luck to you and thank-you again for creating and sharing such wondrous work.

    Kind regards, William

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